Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Upon the Sea of Anarchy: Canto I

Canto I

A freedom fighter fighting all the lands
Upon the earth is hardly how I saw
Myself a few long years ago. Demands
Upon one’s life can change one’s destiny:
A news reporter finds that he commands

An army to protect a floating city,
A city he helped build, so he’s be free.
Conditions in the city have turned gritty,
But I will not surrender up my life.
But if I did, don’t look on me with pity –

I will have given up my life to make
A chance for liberty to live. This knife,
This gun will draw blood if they must. I shake
Because I’ve never killed a man. I will,
Though, if I must – whatever it will take

To keep my love, my life, my home upon
The sea, my wife and family, fulfill
This high ideal upon the sea. The dawn
Shows ships surrounding us. Will we go down
Below the waves? Will all our work be gone?

It happened once before, before I saw
The consequences of – now what’s that noun? –
I will not call progressive such a law
Of changeless change as I believed in once.
An advocate of power, pure and raw

Is what I was, and what I sought to show
Was justice. That was back before this bunce
That brought me happiness, that made me grow
Into  a true adult, who did not need
A parent who would keep me in my row.

I see you think I am too much – I lose
You in my rhetoric. But let me feed
Your curiosity. I was a news
Man like yourself. Like you, I went to see
A city, free, that soon became my Muse.

I guess I cannot hide my hope that you
Will follow the same narrow path as me,
As I once did. I know that nothing drew
You here – like me, your editor said, “Go,”
And so you came to find out what I knew.
Canto II

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