Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Letter from the Jester

I am not here to argue
I'm here to ridicule
You cannot have an argument
With an utter fool

There's nothing in your reasons
That I'd call rational
You chatter with your monkey-mind
Screech just like a gull

And so I thumb my nose at you
And laugh and mock and dance
The stupid things that you believe
Do not deserve a glance

You just believe in magic
Belief is always true
When it supports your prejudice
Challenge makes you blue

Your ignorance, stupidity,
Hatred of mankind
I laugh when you're surrendering
Using your own mind

Why do I ridicule you?
You are ridiculous
And you would ship your enemies
Off by train or bus

I do not care if what you wear
Is either red or brown
You'll still deserve only contempt
Heaped upon your crown

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Lawmakers

Coyote shouldn't go to trainings, laws
And rules are too transparent to his mind--
He sees manipulation, all the flows
Betray the fruit as nothing but dry rind.

Lean Loki shouldn't be a lawyer, judge,
Or statesman--laws just make him laugh out loud
In laughter showing us he will not budge--
He rules with irony the seething crowd.

Mean Monkey always makes a mess--the fools
Of structured order found their plans on sand
When Monkey's chaos makes emerge now rules
That will not bow to any god's command.

The child is playing in the sand--the waves
Destroy and he creates--it's what he craves.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


They crowd the corner waiting for the light --
But no one notices the darkness, whole
And incomplete, embracing every soul
That scatters up the sidewalk through their fright.
And in the certainty that fills the night
Each offers up an overflowing bowl,
Each spill evaporating every goal
Into a crystal salt of endless spite.

The pressing crowd is pushing at the edge
Where too much light means nothing can be seen
Until a fellow falls from too much leaning
Off of the sidewalk as though from a ledge
The crosswalk is the borderland between
The nihilistic void and perfect meaning.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Circus

Stand on your right foot and touch your left leg
Now pick up this spoon and balance this egg
Color the evens in nothing but blue
The odds all in red to show what you knew
Just listen to me and don't make me beg
Now fill out these forms there's lots more to do

I put up these charts in case they walk in
For failing to do so is the worst sin
Miniature horses perform to applause
Dogs are all leaping without a good cause
Now stand on command so we can begin
And do not complain for these are the laws

I made the mistake to think you should read
A strategy is the one thing you need
We'll poison the dog to make it play dead
And all the adults can lie in their bed
Mistaking performance for a true seed
Nobody knows even one thing they read

Harass the acrobats, make them all cry
And we'll twist them all up 'til they want to die
We're beating the horses 'til they lack breath
We'll pack in the clowns and work them to death
We'll paper the walls to maintain the lie
Perhaps we'll succeed if we're using meth

We all agree the performers are great
That is the lie that no one will debate
Each will applaud and smile shaking their head
Pretend that there can be nothing to dread
Zombie performance yes that is our fate
Careful that you do not notice they're dead

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Promethian Invasion

The alien invasion was an odd
One--ships appeared across the sky--we've seen
That part in movies--then the part of God
Was played by them--a Rapture!--not the clean

And good--but legislators, presidents,
And kings, police and petty bureaucrats,
The rapists, murderers, those seeking rents,
The thugs and thieves and all the human rats--

Were disappeared--and with the criminals
That ruled the world now gone, communities
Emerged--a ship remained for future culls--
And people prospered when they tried to please--

A single ship is circling the earth--
We do not know our liberators' face--
But from their actions they have helped to birth
A world of peace, prosperity, and grace--

And so we gave these aliens a name--
Promethians--for ending mankind's tryst
With rulers, giving us a brand-new game,
And showing they are true philanthropists.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Philosopher of Adverbs

He quickly, daintily, and randomly,
Begrudgingly and fortuitously,
Unbelievably deftly only walked
Away the moment that he saw the bear.
Show me the stronger verb--come on! I dare
You to improve, "The bear perplexly stalked."