Monday, November 14, 2016

The Promethian Invasion

The alien invasion was an odd
One--ships appeared across the sky--we've seen
That part in movies--then the part of God
Was played by them--a Rapture!--not the clean

And good--but legislators, presidents,
And kings, police and petty bureaucrats,
The rapists, murderers, those seeking rents,
The thugs and thieves and all the human rats--

Were disappeared--and with the criminals
That ruled the world now gone, communities
Emerged--a ship remained for future culls--
And people prospered when they tried to please--

A single ship is circling the earth--
We do not know our liberators' face--
But from their actions they have helped to birth
A world of peace, prosperity, and grace--

And so we gave these aliens a name--
Promethians--for ending mankind's tryst
With rulers, giving us a brand-new game,
And showing they are true philanthropists.

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