Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Letter from the Jester

I am not here to argue
I'm here to ridicule
You cannot have an argument
With an utter fool

There's nothing in your reasons
That I'd call rational
You chatter with your monkey-mind
Screech just like a gull

And so I thumb my nose at you
And laugh and mock and dance
The stupid things that you believe
Do not deserve a glance

You just believe in magic
Belief is always true
When it supports your prejudice
Challenge makes you blue

Your ignorance, stupidity,
Hatred of mankind
I laugh when you're surrendering
Using your own mind

Why do I ridicule you?
You are ridiculous
And you would ship your enemies
Off by train or bus

I do not care if what you wear
Is either red or brown
You'll still deserve only contempt
Heaped upon your crown

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