Monday, March 27, 2017

A World in Fragments

You look at me and you don't see it---I
Seem just like you, or maybe I look worse,
Or better---I'm a white man---do you see
So many others just like me? Deny
Your eyes---they lie---I differ---that's a curse
To you---I have a mind you try to flee.

You see in wholes, then slowly break them down---
I see in fragments, slowly build them up---
You see in hierarchy---you have to place---
I see equality from white through brown,
Men, women, gay and straight---I give my cup
To fill each member of the human race.

Though born among you, my borne culture's strange,
And I am born with it---you're merely born
Within your culture---yours a dress, mine skin--
And there is nothing that I can arrange
To help you see---you're blind, I am forlorn---
We are and are not always never kin.

I have a sort of ultraviolet sight
That can't see red---and so I see the shapes
Of things you cannot see---and also, you---
You fail to see what brings me joy, delight---
And much of you is hidden behind drapes
So all I see is shadows of the true.

But there's a true you hide from you---the sun
Exposes it to me---it makes me laugh---
That laughter, it offends---you think me cold---
My care is practical---what I find fun
Is boring---yet, I promise, it is half
As boring as your anecdotes half-told.

And yet, you look at me---I'm merely odd---
Naive, perhaps---I'm privileged, that seems clear---
Those things you see, think you see---my eyes dart
Away---you think I'm rude---I'm hearing God
In poetry---anxiety and fear
Are ever-present---stop!---behold my heart.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Beyond the Two

I've conquered you to bring you peace--this war
Was for the follies you embrace--let go
And in your freedom you will not be poor--
I've saved you from yourself so you can grow.
Don't hold on to your shabby, wretched home
For if you do you'll be put in the grave.

Some people ought to stay at home--you roam
To where nobody wants you. Coward, brave
This notion that you cannot conquer me
Or all of life's diversity--each soul
Is seeking freedom out on beauty's tree,
So thankfully you can't achieve your goal.

We'll never give the oversoul release
Until we get beyond mere war and peace.

Monday, March 13, 2017

I Hear the Trumpet Calling

I hear the trumpet calling all the souls
To bathe in trumpery for all their sins
And take the trump to make sure each one wins.

Each digs around to find the frigid coals
That will not warm the water in tin bins
To bathe in trumpery for all their sins
And take the trump to make sure each one wins.

Now each will have to pay the others' tolls
But find they carry only empty tins
As each are kept out of the warmest inns---
 I hear the trumpet calling all the souls
To bathe in trumpery for all their sins
And take the trump to make sure each one wins.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Coming Winter

We've lain in luxury for much too long,
Transformed ourselves to snowflakes, finding wrong
In every tiny thing---our weakness winds
Through every aspect of our lives---our minds
Are melting, slush. We're neither manly nor
Womanly---we're serious and soul-poor,
Like children but without the pleasant charms.
We're safe, so we are out inventing harms---
These days of decadence drive our demand
For new Victorians to take command---
And we soon will, and then we will oppress
The liberties that made this awful mess.
We will destroy all joy to show we care---
We're poor in learning, wealth to make life fair---
We spread our ignorance but can't ignore
That you oppress with each held-open door.
You know I'm right, so do not challenge me---
You do, into a safe room I will flee
And relish in my knowing, icy cold---
I'll grow among my fellow snowflakes bold.