Monday, March 6, 2017

The Coming Winter

We've lain in luxury for much too long,
Transformed ourselves to snowflakes, finding wrong
In every tiny thing---our weakness winds
Through every aspect of our lives---our minds
Are melting, slush. We're neither manly nor
Womanly---we're serious and soul-poor,
Like children but without the pleasant charms.
We're safe, so we are out inventing harms---
These days of decadence drive our demand
For new Victorians to take command---
And we soon will, and then we will oppress
The liberties that made this awful mess.
We will destroy all joy to show we care---
We're poor in learning, wealth to make life fair---
We spread our ignorance but can't ignore
That you oppress with each held-open door.
You know I'm right, so do not challenge me---
You do, into a safe room I will flee
And relish in my knowing, icy cold---
I'll grow among my fellow snowflakes bold.

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