Monday, June 27, 2016

To My Audience

You. I speak to you. In the cacophony
I will speak to those who listen. I will find
Ears of gold, an audience who will not flee
Possibility, to be transformed, inclined
To dissolving all they know to become free
In a way that nothing more could ever bind.

I have chosen not to care, to just let go
Of the fools who wish to worship rules, who fail
At the task of seeing, thinking that they know,
When the theater surrounds their stage. They flail,
Strike at all who love this life and seek to grow--
Glow of health and wealth just make them become pale.

They will never grow, and they will always tear
Down the lovers of all knowledge, wisdom, life--
Misanthropy is their sullen game--they wear
Hatred on their eyes, their love is only strife--
They just want to cover all the things we bare,
Seeking to enforce it with serrated knife.

We, entwined with joy of love of life, we dance,
Fly, and sing, discover all new joys to lift
Ourselves, all of humankind. We will entrance
The entire world and slowly heal the rift
Killing humankind--we'll blast them from their trance,
They will sacrifice us for our precious gift.

It is certain that our sacrifice will raise
Many from the floor to break their golden chains--
It is certain that a mass will gaily gaze
Through the door we opened up--they'll love the gains
We were murdered for the sin of making--praise,
Songs of praise will raise up for our righteous pains.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Psychopathia sexualis

The star that wanders every evening shines
Within the lunatic's hysteria
That grows as fast as Southern kudzu vines,
Exposing pine cones in their mania.

The days demand the dancer shed her shame
And reinvent the rules to lure her out--
Emerging from her cave she shines the name
Of things that in becoming leave you doubt.

Back in the palace pleasure fears foment
And framed the world in awkward angle aimed
At tripping dancers who will not relent
At covering themselves and those they've claimed.

As you lie--listen to the sacred loon--
The dragon dines upon the dancing moon.

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Necessary Outcast

I suffer from seeing too much, the laws
Are bare before me, unveiled, exposed, nude---
How can I take them seriously, claws
Exposed as but imaginary things,
Teeth dissolved into gums---they all exude
The smell a month-old rotten apple brings.

I am the enemy of serious
And somber things---I cannot see them there
But rather see we needn't make a fuss
About those rules we all could change if we
But wanted to---to show that there's no hair
Just a toupee on every head we see.

The serious see me as enemy---
And, yes, they should---because I may expose
That everyone is truly, deeply free
But we do not appreciate the world
And much prefer the emperor has clothes
And that the is is not what has unfurled.

I speak these things into the hurricane
That wants to drown me, wash away the sin
Of questioning the law---I'm shown insane---
I neither break, obey the law---I laugh
Because I play but cannot lose nor win
And dance about with ivy, snake-twined staff.

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Revolution

The panic like a virus spread
Each wondered where they'd get their bread
And others filled them full of dread
And so they went and found some lead
And through the streets they marched and tread
And entered houses, bed to bed
And dragged out those who had not fled
And on their wealth each person fed
Before the streets were flowing red
From bullets, crowbars in each head
And once these enemies they shed
They found that it was they who bled

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


"The wisest in Cloudcuckooland are here
To greet the great and bold of earth who need
To see the ideals in their glory, clear,
Unstained by mere reality to feed
You all a perfect food you cannot eat,
To show you the unseeable, to grant
A touch of what cannot be felt. You'll meet
A leader who cannot exist--you'll chant
About his virtues none shall have. You'll see
A peoples perfect, ignorant of "can't"
And who are equal, virtuous, and free."

"Those idiots tried to give nothing breath
And realized but envy, vice, and death!"