Monday, June 13, 2016

A Necessary Outcast

I suffer from seeing too much, the laws
Are bare before me, unveiled, exposed, nude---
How can I take them seriously, claws
Exposed as but imaginary things,
Teeth dissolved into gums---they all exude
The smell a month-old rotten apple brings.

I am the enemy of serious
And somber things---I cannot see them there
But rather see we needn't make a fuss
About those rules we all could change if we
But wanted to---to show that there's no hair
Just a toupee on every head we see.

The serious see me as enemy---
And, yes, they should---because I may expose
That everyone is truly, deeply free
But we do not appreciate the world
And much prefer the emperor has clothes
And that the is is not what has unfurled.

I speak these things into the hurricane
That wants to drown me, wash away the sin
Of questioning the law---I'm shown insane---
I neither break, obey the law---I laugh
Because I play but cannot lose nor win
And dance about with ivy, snake-twined staff.

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