Saturday, April 26, 2014


It only takes a brand new bureaucrat
To twist your life around. She'll tell you what
You want to hear: she wants to use you -- look
At your C.V.! You start designing classes
She lets you think you're going to teach one day.
And after all, why shouldn't she? You did
Have high evaluation scores, so high
You went from adjunct to a lecturer
Under her predecessor. You don't know
That that's the problem -- bureaucrats dispose
Of anyone they didn't choose. She'll lie
To you while slipping poison in your tea,
Interpreting the past and all your actions
In terms as negative as possible
And seek the time to strike, to give the dose
That does you in. She'll smile and watch you die.

Friday, April 25, 2014


I dance upon the rock and flash
My feathers, orange, upon my head
In rhythms regular, complex --
Look where my dancing feet have tread.

The sun is shining on my face
Reflecting my immodest dress --
I can afford such wondrous waste
Designed to lure and to impress.

Behold me as I dance for you
And listen as I sing my song
I wrote for you in rhyming lines
To demonstrate that I am strong.

The jungle's darkness cannot hide
The boldness that I demonstrate --
The rhythmic colors, dance, and song
I make for you shall not abate.

My courtship of you shall not cease --
I'll dance upon my rock for you
In rhythms, rhymes, and patterns rich
In meaning, beauty -- all to woo.

But Loving You Is Easy...

It's not that I lack empathy if I
Should fail to notice you're in pain or sad;
It's not that I don't love you when I fail
To say it often, though I'm raving mad

In love with you; it's not that I don't try,
Not only when you are scantily clad,
To demonstrate my love for you; but it
Is hard for me off of this writing pad

To show you all I want to be to you;
Yes, it is hard to be the husband, dad
I want to be, to fight against my brain,
To make my mind give all I have and had

To you; it's hard to even add
Together all you do to make me glad.