Monday, November 21, 2016

The Circus

Stand on your right foot and touch your left leg
Now pick up this spoon and balance this egg
Color the evens in nothing but blue
The odds all in red to show what you knew
Just listen to me and don't make me beg
Now fill out these forms there's lots more to do

I put up these charts in case they walk in
For failing to do so is the worst sin
Miniature horses perform to applause
Dogs are all leaping without a good cause
Now stand on command so we can begin
And do not complain for these are the laws

I made the mistake to think you should read
A strategy is the one thing you need
We'll poison the dog to make it play dead
And all the adults can lie in their bed
Mistaking performance for a true seed
Nobody knows even one thing they read

Harass the acrobats, make them all cry
And we'll twist them all up 'til they want to die
We're beating the horses 'til they lack breath
We'll pack in the clowns and work them to death
We'll paper the walls to maintain the lie
Perhaps we'll succeed if we're using meth

We all agree the performers are great
That is the lie that no one will debate
Each will applaud and smile shaking their head
Pretend that there can be nothing to dread
Zombie performance yes that is our fate
Careful that you do not notice they're dead

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