Wednesday, September 28, 2011


If we teach our children math by asking
Them what color they think that it should be,
If we graduate our high school students
Functional illiterates unable
Stringing words to made grammatically,
If we do not teach our students classics,
If we do not teach our students logic,
If we do not teach our students music,
If we do not teach them how to reason,
If we do not teach them good and bad and
How to tell the difference between them,
If we do not do away with envy
Taught as ethical belief by teachers
Who believe the best and brightest do not
Count and say that they will just have to be
Bored so we can reach the dumb and lazy,
If we think to hit the target that we
Must aim low as possible, to our feet,
If we do not hold ourselves and others
To a higher standard than we do now,
If we keep on denigrating all that's
Excellent and good, just and beautiful,
If we keep on going as we're going

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