Friday, December 28, 2012

The Epic of Mandala: Prologue in Rose’s Dream

The breeze blew through the window cool and Rose
Slipped slowly through to vivid-dreaming doze.
And in the dream she found a coiling path
That curled there by a complex fractal math.
And ferns unfurled around her, rising high
Around her as a voice said, “Don’t deny
The purpose I have given you. You are
The one I chose to give birth to a star,
A source of light for unwise days to come,
A time when men are deaf and blind and dumb
To wisdom, thinking they can know what they
Cannot, that there’s no limit to the day,
That knowledge, truth no longer matters, and
Their good intentions are enough. The sand
Of foolishness and ignorance has filled
The land. They think the world is as they’ve willed.
And so I send a son to you to bring
A message of true unity, to sing
Of knowledge and of wisdom and the goal
Of unifying both in beauty. Soul
Of beauty is the goal. One day your son
Will bring this truth as a bright golden light
To man – he’ll be a source of fright, and sight.”
The sky was filled with butterflies that stirred
The air into a hurricane. A bird
Then rose and with its wings it washed away
The sparkling insects form the sky to play
Among the leaves. The bird then spread its tail
In Fibonacci eyes, let out a wail
So that that Rose began to cry. The tears
Rolled down her cheeks, the bird-ails filled her ears,
The tears fell to the dust and from them grew
Up twinning briars to a tree that drew
Up to the sky, then bloomed a single rose.
The voice said, “From this single flower grows
A rebirth of the human universe.
He’ll meet with praise and he will have men curse
The very air he breathes. And thus his name
Will be Mandala, as it is the same
As that which hides the hidden principles
Of growth and change that’s realized in the full
And agnostic tension of the pair
In paradox, a truth he will declare.”
Then all went dark, and rose, with echoed voice,
Said, “If that is your will, that is my choice.”
And rose was standing on the beach, the sea
Was rosing in the sunrise. She felt free.
And standing on the shore, the waves would break
Around her feet. And then she was awake.

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