Saturday, July 13, 2013

Premiere, For My Fiancee (Now My Wife)

A world has opened up for me, a love
No other ever brought me, a life
No one could bring me, only you -- a glove,
A ring, a set of spoons, a future wife.

Espouse with me our mutual love, a fire
Lit bright between us, flame that will not dim --
In darkness I will light your way, a dire
Zero will turn into growth, cherubim
Arrows will mingle both our bloods, our two's
Become a one. My Aphrodite, I'm
Eros, born before and from you -- we grow
Truly from each other, a growth in time,
Healthful, happy, we glow in overflow.

From freedom you have made me free, a tree
Leafing out in crunchy leaves when I bind
Oak limbs to make more beautiful as we,
Rendered in platinum, are intertwined.
Every thought that I have of you renews,
Since you are all my every thought pursues.

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