Saturday, March 1, 2014


Each piece and particle's particular --
The universe is necessarily
In fragments, though we always much prefer
To act as though it's all a unity.

To analyze the world we break it up --
The data says it must be so -- reduce
To smallest small and understand the cup
From broken fragments -- thus we do deduce.

Yet how do we begin to understand
The unity we see? Inductively,
We bring the world together, see the hand,
Invisible, build all complexity.

Our theories bring together the diffuse
From all the data scientists produce.


  1. Now i like the play of words here, but i'm wondering how you square the "universe" and each "particle's particular"? That is the topic i know, but so often it seems to me theory does not bring itself back to view the whole. And in nature it seems there's always two, a whole and the irreconcilable within that whole, yin and yang i suppose. What say you?

  2. Perhaps individuation takes place in the context of the whole?

    Yes, that is the topic of the poem, that it needs to be brought back to the whole.


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