Saturday, July 12, 2014

Astral Body

The stars produced the atoms making you --
I feel the heat that made them when I lie
Beside you. Take the oxygen into
You that escaped my lips. Do not deny

My breath to enter you, entangle us
With atoms once in me, now inside you.
I'm part of you -- there's nothing to discuss --
We will entangle and enfold into

Each other with our breath and arms and thighs.
We share our atoms and our souls; into
The evening, through the day you bring me sighs
Enjoying all the astral light of you.

I know the taste and smell of stars; I know
The way they sound and feel by having you,
The Milky Way enfleshed, their constant glow
Enfolded and complexified into

The beauty that I love. Life turned into
An astral dream because I fell for you.

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