Sunday, August 3, 2014


Out of the chaos known as Nothingness
came Love, which then gave birth to Strife, because
creation must precede destruction in all things.
Then Love and Strife bred Competition and
Cooperation, who then married and
gave birth to Knowledge, Action, Wisdom, each 
hermaphrodites -- so knowledge bred with Action
and each produced a child; the latter, Wealth, 
the former, Science -- Action bred with Wisdom
and each produced a child; the former, Justice,
the latter, Virtue -- Knowledge bred with Wisdom
And they produced the greatest child, great Beauty,
at whom the rest would always aim to please.
Together all gave rise to the great Orders:
from Science Math and great Technology;
then Money, Catallaxy, Governance,
Philanthropy, the Sociologies,
Religion and Philosophy and Art,
All bred from Action, mother of them all.

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