Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Solitary One

What don't I know or haven't read or thought?
Yet what has all this knowledge ever brought
Me? Love has run from me. The more I know
The less I'm liked, it seems. I dare to show
My knowledge and I'm treated with disdain
And told I'm arrogant. Should I refrain
From saying what I know? Your ignorance
Be given more respect, the mental-dense
Revered by everyone? I cannot work
For none will hire me--they see a jerk
Or threat to their own place should they embrace
A person who like me dares show a trace
Of knowledge broader than a needle's tip,
As though they'll be infected by a drip
Of knowledge from my brow. I just face hate
From every person. Should it be my fate
To live in isolation, unemployed
Because the ignorant are all annoyed?
My love for knowledge, wisdom, beauty snared
Me in this culture where no love is spared
The worst cold fate--not mockery, derision--
Of being actively ignored for vision.
You celebrate the stupid with delight
And then lament that everywhere is night.

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