Monday, May 29, 2017

The Forgotten Man

(An adaptation from William Graham Sumner)

The simple, honest laborer who earns
His living by productive work. We pass
Him by because he’s independent, self-
Supporting, asks no favors, won’t appeal
To the emotions, never would excite
The sentiments. He only wants to make
A contract and fulfill it, with respect
On both sides, favor shown on neither side.
He has to make his growing living from
The country’s capital that, as it grows
The better living he can make. Each part
Of capital that’s wasted on the vicious,
The idle, and the shiftless is the gold
That’s taken from the capital that should
Have been available as just reward
For him, the independent and productive
Laborer. We ignore, do not remember
Him just because he makes no clamor; is
He not the man who ought to be remembered?

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