Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Misled Revolution

The crowds are filling up Wall Street,
Police arrive with clubs to blue
The children as they walk their beat.
The banks are blamed, and while their fault is true
The ones who have misled us all just while
Away and hide behind the seen and smile.

The children smash the glass and pray
The jobs will come that way -- this course
Is mirrored by the cops who play
The government's game, by the rules of force --
They are the ones who have misled them all
And mock them as they walk the marble hall.

"There's too much greed," they cry, but greed
Is but the same as it has ever
Been. These blind think a noble deed
Is merely good intentions. Force is never
The source of virtue. Those who have misled
Us will soon zero sum us 'til we're dead.

The crowds are filling Main Streets in
The cities and demand their god
Perform a miracle. The sin
Is ignorance -- they hear the lies and nod
As those who have misled us all just laugh
At them and steal their money for their staff.

The staff of Mercury is bent
From market order to the thief
By the mob's god whose force has rent
A further failure from certain relief --
The ones who have misled us will delight
As witches light the ever-creeping night.

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