Thursday, October 27, 2011

On the Eve of Decadence

Is it for you, O Rome, to rule the world,
Or is that time now past?
The great Republic stagnates like a swamp –
Did we dare think it’d last?

Barbarians are in the wooded hills –
Or are they now on Palatine?
An emperor is lurking at the gates,
And you are certain he’s divine.

He promises you pearly gates and streets
All paved in gold, that mansions are what’s due
For all who just put faith in him and all
His works, who see he’s just and fair and true.

He will create, he’ll organize, the world
And everyone will fit right in
If you will but obey. That’s your true choice –
Or, crucified for your sharp sin.

The Roman road is rusted with the blood –
We’ve seen this scene reborn –
Constructive rusty rivers always form
When nature’s met with scorn.

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