Saturday, January 21, 2012

Candy Dance

Black and white go dancing by –
His arms are down beside her waist,
A black heart drips down to her thigh,
A split down to her turquoise candy – taste
The dance, the cape that opens, swirls
White, black, and blue, red, yellow furls –
Among the turquoise, dark blue eye
With red and yellow looking out,
These eyes of glass can’t see or cry,
The candy dance that makes us shout
And hang on bars in dark, thin red,
Each heartbeat brings us what we dread –
And swings from rings with red, green vines
Until the couple leaps up to the right,
Leaping in a sad embrace that lines
The man’s dark arm in dark blue bright –
The turquoise eyes stare: can the man
Know what this dancing candy-man can?

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