Monday, January 9, 2012

Jewels in Sunlight

I happened once upon a pool
Far, deep within an open wood –
I knelt to feel the water’s cool –
My eyes caught shining in the light
Transparent movement, ever slight.

Looking closer, I strained my sight
To see some shrimp whose movements could
Be falsely taken for sunlight.
A pair were dancing cheek-to-cheek –
They’d found the one they’re meant to seek.

Wisping gracefully round and round,
Each knows they’re with the one they should –
They’re happy with the one they found.
Embracing closely in a kiss –
Each had the one that they would miss.

I stood at last and looked around.
The warmth within my heart was good,
What better prize could I have found
As having witnessed such a jewel
As love affairs within a pool?

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