Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why We're Where We Are

It all began with Archduke Ferdinand.
The war that caused the Germans to send Lenin
To Russia, hoping revolution would
Take Russia from the war. It did. The cost
Was millions dead from his and Stalin's rule.
For Germany the outcome was the same:
Defeat and retribution that would make
The Germans into Nazis and for one,
John Maynard Keynes, a reputation for
His warning Germany would rise again
In vengeance for its punishment. The deaths
Of millions, holocaust. The fascists gone,
Identical twin communism rose.
The West enjoyed a false prosperity
From Keynes' plans as Russian went to take
Afghanistan. American supported
The rebels so the Soviets would fall.
The Soviets would fall to leave the rebels
In charge in rough Afghanistan, to grow
Their hatred for America as it
Expanded power to Arabia
In an Iraqi war. The towers fell.
America replaced the Soviets
In hard Afghanistan, which we paid for
With an expanding housing bubble made
To order from John Maynard's script. It burst,
And Keynes was called to cure what he had caused.
And now you know why we are where we are.

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