Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Alone, yet tracked, pacifically this wolf
Has wandered through the Cascade’s mountain passes
From Oregon to California –
He hides behind the pines and in tall grasses

In mountain meadows filled with flowers, filled
With game the wolf can eat. Alone, he finds
It’s mostly rabbits, pika, squirrels that he
Can catch and eat. When full, he mostly winds

Down old elk paths. He’s looking for a pack
And cannot know he is alone, the one
Lone wolf in California – he lives
Up to the name. He basks in the warm sun

And drinks from mountain lakes whose sapphire blue
Reflects the thin-aired sky, but when the moon
Is out, his haunting howl crowds out the rounds
Of hooting owls – he hears a calling loon

Instead of what he hopes to hear – another
Gray wolf to join him on his namesake quest,
To journey on with Journey as a mate
And hope across the new Pacific West.


  1. Thanks very much, Troy, on behalf of all of us around the world who promote the restoration and protection of wolves. OR-7 is a symbol of hope.

  2. Quite welcome. An inspiring story makes for good poetry. :-)


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