Friday, March 1, 2013


Through snow and ice I drove to see
My family, friend -- for you, I drove,
And when I come to you, you flee
Into the frozen, barren grove
I find dividing you and me.

Ice glistens branches weighted down,
The gray row sparkles in the sun --
Yet, here the brightness on the crown
Of trees does not invite -- I shun
The trees draped in their virgin gown.

I'm lonely on this salted walk,
The gray of sidewalks aren't the same,
The ice on them won't make them talk
As ice on branches do. A shame
The snow here's not like Dover's chalk.

The gray road brings me back to home,
Away from where you are. I miss
Nothing about the trees, the chrome
White skies, your absence, lack of bliss
I sadly felt -- so now I roam

Among these buildings rising tall
Around these short-sleeved, lonely men --
These men the same as me, we fall
And fall, are groundless -- that is when
The snows divide us. I should call.

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