Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hero Saint Genius

The hero crosses boundaries the gods
Engraved between them and the world of men --
With his great strength he will defy those odds
And dare to fight against the gods again.

The saint transcends the boundaries the fall
From grace dug deep between warm paradise
And earth -- through his great holiness will all
Find life and manage to avoid Hell's ice.

The genius can transcend the boundaries
Of common thought -- he's the uncommon mind
Who shows what man can be in full release --
It's through him that each one is redefined.

Postmodern heroes cross the lines of race
And sex and gender, class, to help defend
The underprivileged made by the disgrace
Of prejudice so our culture can mend.

What lines and boundaries do we have left
To cross? The gods have died and Heaven brought
to Earth. We surely cannot be bereft
Of lands where life complexifies through ought.

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