Monday, January 5, 2015

Beware the Misanthropes

Beware the one who wants to fix each man to fit
Them in society -- he is a misanthrope
Who hates all men for who they truly are.

Beware the one who wants to fit each man
To social goals -- he is a misanthrope
Who hates that men are free to live and choose.

Beware the one who wants to force each man
To synchronize their values so they're his --
He is a misanthrope who hates that men
Would dare to make a choice that is not his.

Beware the lovers of mankind who never met
A man they loved -- they all are misanthropes who hate
Men as they are in their immense diversity.

Beware egalitarians who'd force each man
To act as equals -- they are misanthropes who will
Machete everyone to reach their gruesome goals.

Beware the preachers of the just who do
Not preach of mercy -- they are misanthropes
Whose boots will never finish stomping you.

Beware the preachers of a better life on earth --
They all are misanthropes who will eliminate
The ones who keep utopia a nowhere place.

Beware romantics of the past and those who hate
The future, an expanding world -- they all
Are misanthropes who hate the civilized
And cosmopolitan and love the worst
Of tribal cruelty and racial hate.

Beware those on the left and right who'd put
You in a group -- they all are misanthropes
Who would deny you your humanity.

Beware all leaders who would gladly rule --
They all are misanthropes who do not think
You worthy of your life that you may live
It as you wish, in justice and in beauty.

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