Monday, December 12, 2016

"Wave Ontology": An Excerpt from "Upon the Sea of Anarchy"

Geography affects the way you view
The world, affects your myths and metaphors.
We live upon the waves, in endless blue,
And that perhaps is why we all love peace
And think our wave-ontology is true.

I know---ontology---a fancy term
For what we think the cosmos is. Release
Yourself from what you think you know, the germ
Of understanding then will sprout within
That nothing we believe is ever firm.

We see the world as waves and flows---we flow
And float and follow nature's course. Begin
From there, with understanding that. I'll show
You what I mean. The cosmos is made up
Of waves that interact, emerge, and grow

From energy through information through
The atoms which make up this very cup
You're drinking from and those which make up you.
My blood flows in my veins in waves, my speech
Arrives to you in waves, all light does, too.

And thus communication comes in waves---
They're more than what arrives upon the beach---
Our social networks, what each of us craves,
Our every bond is formed by waves. Our years
And months and days in rhythmic waves---each paves

The ways that we experience all time
In rhythms which evolved so all appears
To fall in natural patterns which all mime
The orbits of the earth and moon, the spins
Of which are accidents, but which we rhyme.

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