Sunday, March 25, 2012

Courtly Love

Oh loving troubadours, you brought us love,
The love we know, to birth – a love of death –
From fairyland and from Medieval minds
Brought modern man to life. And me, my love.

Their love is not a love of things. Their love
Is not for neighbors. Sex is not enough.
It is to find completion of oneself –
It’s one’s rebirth within one’s lover’s love.

Dear, sweet, sweet suffering you bring me, love,
I sacrifice myself, my love, to you.
I could not bear a thing before I rose
In you – now I can bear it all, my love.

Personified romantic love, my love,
Is what you are, the beauty of my song
And life. You are the cosmic dance of life
And in you flows the tree of life, dear love.

You are my revolution, greatest love –
With you my world is finally set right –
I always will return to you in joy
Because my heart can never leave my love.

In passing through your body I found love
Enwombed and ready to, in us, be born
Between us. Thus our song is always here
Transforming us to make us constant love.

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