Thursday, March 22, 2012

Whatever Happens

Whatever happens, I’ll love you – I’ll hold
You in my heart as ore grips tightly gold.
I cannot dream a world without you – cold
Steel is the world where we would not grow old.

My world is one of constant touch, your skin
Brings me alive. Release would be a sin,
And so I want to hold and hug, caress
You always with my eyes as you undress.

I love where I am now – with you. I trust
My future if you’re in it. You’re my lust
For life, my one desire – each cliché
That lovers all have thought now come my way.

I want to sink myself more deeply, fold
My soul into your soul. I feel more bold
With you. There’s nothing I would not have sold.
The love I feel for you cannot be told.

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