Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The streams all flow to rivers flowing out
To delta trees into the ocean waves
As flows of trade converge and then flow out
Creating networks. Each of these flows saves

Us energy, the short and slow, the long
And fast, in fractal beauty, making Phi.
We see these patterns and we find we long
To create them and hear their songs' reply.

In science networks truth and knowledge flow --
In all the arts the canon's beauty's flow --
In ethics' canon we see virtue flow --
In beauty, truth, and virtue's what we know.

And in the leaves of books, and in the trees
Of knowledge, business, ancestry, and mind
We find the flows of man, the bronchial trees
That bring in oxygen for iron to bind.

The streams of poets, scientists, and wise
Philosophers converged in streams of me
To intermingle in a fluid wise
Enough to language them to poetry.

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