Thursday, February 21, 2013

An Alphabet Poem

A is for Apple -- it tastes really good
B is for Ball -- and they bounce, as they should
C is for Cat -- they meow every day
D is for Dog -- they sit still and they stay
E is for Egg -- they're from hens, don't you know?
F is for Food -- if I eat I will grow
G is for Good -- that is how I will be
H is for Hand -- I will raise so you'll see
I is for Inch -- see how tall I have grown?
J is for Jump -- see how high I have flown!
K is for Kind -- I'll be all of the day
L is for Lunch -- here mine comes on the tray
M is for Monkey -- they play high in the tree
N is for Name -- and I have one, you see
O is for Ocean -- where the fish like to swim
P is for Playing -- with my friends, her and him
Q is for Quiet -- shh, don't make a sound
R is for Rabbit -- as they hop all around
S is for Sharing -- I share toys when I play
T is for Teacher -- and I'm learning all day
U is for Us -- we sit singing this song
V is for Van -- as it's driving along
W is for Whale -- they live deep in the sea
X is for X-Ray -- to see inside of me
Y is for Yellow -- the light color of hay
Z is for Zoo -- where the animals play

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