Saturday, February 23, 2013


No man, emotionally, can be distant from the one he loves --
The horizon never comes near --
The porcupine mates, but is never in love --
The groundless moat, the topless wall
Are never built between friends
Or siblings --
And lovers least of all.
Hold me, cuddle, caress and snuggle
With your love, joy, the sun of your heart --
So I will know you love me
I will hold you, cuddle, caress and snuggle
With my heart and head, my eyes
So you will know I love you.
I will not hold you off -- prick me, make me bleed,
Send me running to you, afraid
I'll not be pricked again.
The bricks and mortar fill the moat --
You are the mountain faith brought near,
The faith that made me crystalline to you.

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