Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Your Superior Song

Great Muse of mine who sings of the love that is
Light, sun, Apollo's kiss on the cheek as you
Pluck sirens' feathers from their bodies --
Sirens whose songs cannot tempt me from you.

Plucked sirens lie around on the ground, a few
Sharp notes untie themselves from their beaks, unwind
Wild wails unbeautiful and heartless --
Others are tempted, but never me, love.

Great Anna, always sing of your love for me --
Kill sirens dead -- why pluck so they live to try
Temptations once again? You bring me
Safe to you -- sing of love, dearest Anna.

Dark sirens cannot tempt me away from you --
Great Muse, my Anna, singing your harmonies --
Light shines when you are singing, loving --
Sirens are silent around me, frightened.

Dear Anna, greatest love of all, sing with me
Great songs of love which I will refashion and
Compose for you, my constant lover --
Life without you is a songless living.

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