Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Golden City

I see the golden city open up to me.
It’s nothing I can build; it’s nothing you can build.
The gates have swung to, opening up. Now I see
What every single man has dreamed of all his life –
A golden city we cannot attain until we’re free.

The angels stand along the path and show the way,
A path we cannot tread while here on earth.
And Christ, he stands before me bright as day,
And opens golden mansions full of light,
Inviting me to come, to live and stay.

Oh don’t we, my good Lord, deserve to live like this?
Of course, my son, but don’t forget the Fall
That caused you all to miss out on the bliss
Of Eden that I gave you. But the best
On earth cannot be found without love’s kiss.

Oh Love, oh Beauty, Logos, Truth and everything,
I want to serve and love you all my life.
I want the world to hear me as I sing
About the love that makes this world bright
And lets me have a gift for me to bring.

Don’t try to bring the golden city here to earth,
For man will turn each Heaven into Hell.
Just stand aside and don’t inflate your worth
And golden cities will be brought to you –
In virtue, value, love will soon give birth.

Yes, God has promised Heaven to us all
So long as we do not forget the Fall.

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