Sunday, December 11, 2011

Melina and Melona

Although Melina’s only two,
She knows just what she wants to do.
She wants to own a kitty-cat.
She wants to have one, that is that.

Her mommy has a friend with cats
Whose job it is to chase the rats
Down on her farm. She has a few
New kittens. Would they like one? Two?

They pick a kitten, orange and gold.
She’s cute and fuzzy, barely old
Enough to be away from her
Sweet mommy cat, who loves to purr.

Melina’s mom and dad decide
To name the kitten as they ride
Back home Leona, though she might
Look like a tiger, burning bright.

Melina’s thrilled to get her pet.
She wants to know her name, and yet
When told her kitten’s name’s Leona,
She can’t say that, and says, Melona.

Melina takes Leona and
She strokes her gently with her hand.
She cradles her in her left arm,
So fuzzy, cuddly, cute and warm.

Melina’s happy with her cat,
And all day long she likes to chat
About the things Melona does.
She loves her little ball of fuzz.

Melina likes to drag a string
To make Leona leap and spring.
She loves to roll her yellow ball,
Watch kitty chase it down the hall.

Much to her mother’s horror, though,
Melina doesn’t seem to know
That headlocks aren’t the best way for
Leona to be off the floor.

And more than once her father found
The kitten in a blanket, bound
Up like a baby, yet she stayed
Beside Melina, where she played.

And though her parents said the name
Leona often, still the same
Melona’s what Melina said
From morning ‘til she went to bed.

Melina’s mom and dad gave in.
They saw that they would never win
Because the kitten loved her friend . . .
She was Melona in the end.

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