Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Seas of My Shore

In the shallowest, deadliest seas of the earth,
The unknowable, the darkest of all
The abysses have swallowed the call
Of the sirens – the deadliest dangers give berth
To the swirling and darkness that kill.
In these waters where death has its fill –
In the heat and the poisons, the crystals give birth.

From the sea comes the singing as bubbles collapse –
From the sea comes the living unknown –
In the sea we can find what has grown
From the music and chaos, new life in the gaps
Found between and among the unseen,
Unrepeated, repeated – they mean
As they grow, reproduce, redefine, and relapse.

In the sirens’ unbearable call I hear more
Than the sea could have meant to release
To my ears as the music of peace
And of war that would tear me apart and restore
Me to life and return me to you
As I learn of the lies and the true
In the shallowest, deadliest seas of my shore.

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