Friday, December 16, 2011

Solo Dance

A flower, a butterfly with black body sits
Spread open, black opening wide, opening its
Lips to let us kiss its yellow and orange living
Mouth that is inviting and always most giving
To us. Spread for us festival evenings and nights
And let us know all your culinary delights
And let us hear all the cunning words from your lips
And let us enjoy the gentle sway of your hips
As you dance for your party, for all who can see –
And reminding us all that to dance makes us free.
The butterfly dance on the dark carpeted floor,
It opens a window and it opens a door,
It opens us up for the whole world to peer in –
And with a lift of our knees and lift of our chin
We all each shall join in on this yellow-orange dance,
Around the black center we shall not give a glance.

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