Sunday, November 13, 2011

Developmental Economics

I’m here to help because I love you so.

You don’t know me. Go help the one you know.

I love you for you are one of mankind.

That’s saying you can see when you are blind.

I want to give you help, you nameless man.

You’d give a northern Indian a fan.

It’s always hot in India, I hear.

The one who best can help me is who’s near.

I’ll irrigate your land so it has worth.

The only thing you’d do is salt the earth.

I’ll send you tons of corn on which to dine.

My culture thinks that corn is food for swine.

I’ll teach you how to grow more fish in pools.

My culture thinks that fishing is for fools.

I promise my intentions are but good.

Then do no send a desert-man a hood.

I don’t think you appreciate my help.

I’m burning – you throw gas and I will yelp.

But you’re a helpless man – why can’t you see?

Get off my neck – I’ll prosper when I’m free.

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