Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I cannot envy anyone,
Not just because this monster is the source
Of almost every evil – no, the sun
That runs the course
Of my bright sky is you, and I
Could never envy anyone when my
Beloved wife
Is with me in my bed and dreams,
Fulfilling all I need and want in life.
A shelf of makeup, creams
When you’re away bring you to sight
And I delight
In flesh and eyes and mouth, your chin and nose
Envisioned in your absence fail
To live up to your beauty as it ever grows
Each warm-wind day I sail
Together through blue opal waves
Discovering new continents together.
With me no pools
In sheltered forests without weather –
No, my route’s for fools –
The glories of discovered lands shall be
My promise, to be free
Of certainty, stability – but love,
My love, my destiny, I promise beyond death
As this, my love, will rise above
And bestow breath
To us so long as mankind reads
These words and love love’s deeds.

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