Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Love What You Do To Me

Inside what universe do I deserve
What I’ve been given when I married you?
A dream walked in the restaurant, to serve
Notice that all my dreams of love were true –
True love walked in on me, the lovely curve
That trembled on your lips, your lovely look
Owned all the space my eyes could see. You then
Came up to me and my cold world shook
Upon its weak foundations. You have been
My love the moment I saw you. You took
Into yourself my heart and warmly lit
Night’s shows even I had failed to see
Slip up around me. Who knew you would fit
Into my life so safe and easily?
Dear, you fill up my days with love and sit
Easy upon my heart. This easy love
You make me feel, this easy love makes life
Our life. It rises like a simple dove
Until it fills the sky. You are my wife,
Ridiculous as it may seem, a glove
Made for my grasping hand, because I knew,
Outside the fact I’d just seen you, that I’d
Undo my life if I could marry you.
That day my life before that day, it died –
How could I live unless you’d say, “I do”?

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