Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Ode to the Internet

Self-organizing social systems were
Not physical until you grew
Into a wired order, new
But not unknown –
From mind you’re grown
And, social, sprung a brand-new social spur.
We social-network from our homes,
From desks our shopping has grown frugal –
We’re reading electronic tomes
From Amazon, but found on Google.
The blogs have given everyone a voice –
We had a place
First on MySpace
And then we tipped and swarmed and took
A look, and now we’re on Facebook –
Your network feast
Brings up the least –
In seconds, what we like is now our choice.
The world is more connected now
And humans have become one race –
You join free markets to endow
We humans with a common face.
Your scale-free network we have grown to feel
As home in spreads
Through people’s heads
And information has unfurled
Weak social bonds throughout the world –
And thus we sit at your new family meal.

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