Monday, November 7, 2011

Whither Wisdom

The solitary in the cave is gone
He has abandoned us it seems forever
He does not look upon the nearing dawn
He does not move the earth with wisdom’s lever

The television’s on the radio
Is drowning out all thought Nirvana’s but
A band and no cool thoughts come fast nor slow
It blurs online there is some gossip on some slut

Somehow the ones with wisdom have to work
The ones with leisure have nothing to share
The know thyself it does not even lurk
In navel-gazing shadows without care

The solitary’s married now or dating
And everyone is worried he’s alone
And any time that he is out debating
The invitations fail to come by phone

And if he’s melancholy or he hears
The voices telling us how we are fated
Or feels the nausea or sheds woeful tears
You can be sure that he’ll be medicated

Our wisdom is now fossilized in books
The fossils buried in a college lawn
No matter where on earth the pupil looks
The solitary in the cave is gone

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