Friday, November 18, 2011


The distribution of the galaxies
Across the universe resembles nerves
Within our brains, the pattern reproduced
From simple, largest scales down to the most
Complex phenomenon’s constituents –
A scale-free network is the universe.

A timeless nothingness gave birth to time
In particles emerged from waves transformed
To atoms stars complexified, which strung
Together into molecules, then life,
Then man, society, and then the arts –
A hierarchy is the universe.

How do we reconcile the fact these two
Must coexist? The world will organize
As equilibrium in steady-state.
The world will order itself in a far
From equilibrium state too. And thus
In paradox the universe creates.

Economies are made of men and firms.
Our cells are organelles and molecules.
Our language comes in poetry and words.
Our bodies are of molecules and cells.
The hierarchies and individuals
Make up the scale-free network universe.

Most galaxies are spirals with the curve
Of fern and shell, the phi and fiveness tiled
In movement, action, energy, and growth,
Expressed in evolution which invents,
Complexifies with scale-free sameness to
A universe that’s free by making rules.

And man is its complexity, a bridge
To more we cannot understand, so full
Of good and evilness, so full of love
And envy, full of generosity
And theft, as paradox is reconciled,
The universe creates more paradox.

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