Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Cacophony

Too many voices vying for attention in my head –
So many voices I can’t hear the words that should be said.
I ought to sing a song of envy’s evil, wicked strife
That wants to take what others have and threatens with a knife.
I ought to write on how emotions socially evolved
And through each epoch’s epics see their paradox is solved.
I ought to write about my Faust, a presidential play,
A tragedy that moves the morals plaguing us today.
I ought to write about the different reasons which arise
In every social order – in their unity we’re wise.
I ought to write some poetry about my sacred love
Who makes me feel like I can conquer, raise myself above.
I ought to write abut economists’ deep need to go
Watch plays and thus will learn of human action at the show.
I ought to sing a song of celebration of the joy
Of wife and daughter, son and soon another baby boy.
So many voices vying for attention I can’t hear –
Too many voices which demand their verses now appear.

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