Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whoopie Pie

Two rounded cake-buns full of cream
That, thick and white, squirts on your tongue
And fills your every sugared dream
To make you feel forever young.

The name is not an accident –
The aftermath between your thighs
When in you I have become spent
Looks, yes, just like those whoopee pies.

Ah, whoopie pie is such a treat –
But with such pleasures, so intense,
The consequences you won’t cheat
For long – you soon will grow more dense.

Enough of each will make you round
Around the belly, though one will
Night eating pies won’t make you bound
For life as will some lovely child.

So do be careful when you fill
Your belly full of cream so white –
You may yet have to pay the bill
For whoopie pie, that sweet delight.

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