Monday, February 27, 2012

Crime and Sin

The woman is the archer who
Just misses, misses, misses
Then offers to make her aim true
With kisses, kisses, kisses

The man is but a criminal
Loves murders, thefts and rapings
Rampaging like an inflamed bull
Destroying with its shapings

The criminal is out at night
The sinner, she is sleeping
Destruction is his true delight
Her pregnancy, she’s reaping

From crime and sin a boy is born
From whines he winds to wining
In drunken ecstasy he’s torn
From us as we were dining

From sin and crime a girl is brought
To birth, an earth seducing
To become creatures who have sought
The truth as but reducing

In crime the boy and girl give birth
To a true, wise magician
Exposing to the world its worth
This trinity’s one mission

The flesh and blood of this young man
Are rent because a savior
Is always killed – we cannot ban
Our criminal behavior

The great ones who will make us free
We’ll squander, squander, squander
And that is why man aimlessly
Will wander, wander, wander

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