Saturday, February 18, 2012

On Being Human

Are you native? Are you foreign?
Are you shadow? Are you light?
Are you logic? Or erotic?
Do you bring the world delight?

Do you think with your emotions,
Or with your cool intellect?
Are you conscious or unconscious?
Or too simple to detect?

Do you love a soulful life?
Do you love technology?
Are you thinking? Are you feeling?
Trunk or branches of the tree?

Are you general or specific?
Particular in what you love?
Or does the universal match
Your soul and fit it like a glove?

We're particles and we are waves
That atom into molecules
That chemistry into live cells
And body up the brain it fuels.

The brain is minding as it acts
And interacting brains give birth
To social orders with their cultures
That make us humans what we're worth.

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