Saturday, February 4, 2012


"In coveting is evil's root" – Chretien de Troyes, "Erec and Enide"

Envy, dragon of the day,
Where’s the brave knight who will slay
You before you make decay
The glories made by all mankind?

Envy lifts on wicked wings,
Slays the poet as he sings,
Chars the merchant as he brings
To town the best things he could find.

Envy breathes his fires, green –
With each death he will careen
Through the wheat to make us clean
As payment for when we were kind.

Envy rapes each virgin red,
Spoils every marriage bed,
Will not stop until we’ve bled
And lost our children, lost each mind.

Envy, your unbalanced scales
Cover hatred, fear that pales
All our other storms with gales
That lift black dust and make us blind.

Envy, will your hatred grow?
Or is there a knight who’ll show
Us the way so we may know
The joy of leaving you behind?

Envy, fall by virtue’s lance
So mankind can live and dance –
Die so we can have a chance
To live where beauty’s always shined.

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