Monday, February 13, 2012

The Joy You Bring

The sun rose and shone at last when you,
Iris of garden, sky, and eye, my light
That colorized my life with your clear dew
To prism sky and field and fill my sight,
Yanked me from my long polar night. My soul
Filled finally to thaw the frost that filled
Up every crack, now sealed – you make me whole.
Come, my beloved, you’re the Spring that killed –
Knifed – Winter with your sharpened rays. What joy
And love you brought to me, your flowers spread,
Nourishing me forever, to enjoy
Dew dripping from your petals, floral bed
Spread out before me, crocuses that peek
Up through the last crisp snow, the daffodils
Crowd narcissistically, the tulips seek,
Know what they want – you know they want their fill –
More tulips to fill up the bed. My eyes
Yearn but could never take enough of these
Desirous colors in, and so my sighs
Infest the garden. Could I ever please,
Caressing leaves and flowers, you my love?
Keep filling up my life with living sun,
Dearest, and I’ll pick up my garden glove,
Yank weeds that grow up, for you are my one.

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